In an emergency (e.g. severe chest pain, sudden disabling breathlessness, symptoms of a stroke, collapse or severe injury) please telephone the emergency services on 999.

Appointment types

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Online access to your GP with eConsult

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eConsult enables access to safe and efficient advice for health conditions as well as consulting with your GP from the convenience of your own home. Complete the structured questionnaire, which adapts to your answers, and receive a reply the next working day.

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During COVID-19 this is the default consultation method with our clinicians. If your query is in relation to an ongoing problem or recent consultation you've had, please mention to the Care Navigator which doctor it was with as, if they are available, it is best to speak to them for continuity.

If the doctor or nurse needs to examine you, they will invite you down to the surgery.

Please ensure we have the correct telephone number for you.

Video consultations are now well established at the practice. Obviously, these appointments are not suitable if you have a problem which will require the doctor to physically examine you, but for many other problems these have been working very well.

There are a couple of different ways of doing the video consultations, so have a look at our dedicated video consultation page to see if you think this type of consultation will be suitable for you, and for some tips on how to get the most out of them.

During COVID-19, as all of our appointments are by telephone by default, we have been able to speak to most patients the same day, even for routine matters. Please submit an eConsult or call the practice to book in for your telephone call. If you need to examined the clinician will arrange that with you during your call.

If you need an appointment with one of our nurses, for example for review of your diabetes, COPD or a smear test, these can be booked in the same way.

Extended hours - NB this is temporarily on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic

We offer four hours of appointments outside the core opening hours of 08:00-18:30. These are pre-bookable, and a mixture of GP, nurse & HCA and face to face, telephone and eConsult appointments. Some are early (Mon, Tues & Fri, 07:30-08:00) and some are late (Wed & Thurs, 18:30-19:15). If you require an extended hours appointment to fit in with your work or childcare commitments, please enquire with a Care Navigator.

If you are unwell with a new problem that has recently arisen in the last few days or hours, or sudden deterioration of an existing condition, you may need to be seen urgently by a doctor. We keep back appointments every day for this eventuality, so if you need to see someone we will aim to fit you in. Inevitably, because of the unplanned nature of the illness, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to see your usual doctor.

All patients requesting a same day appointment will be given one subject to availability. If all of those appointments have been allocated, the patient will be called back for further information by the Duty GP. Urgent appointments are shorter than routine appointments, and the doctors and nurses will not have time to discuss other problems, issue repeat medication or provide medical certificates.

Please consider other patients when requesting a same day appointment. We ask you to reserve these for genuine urgent illnesses, rather than reviews of ongoing problems. Inappropriate use of these same-day appointments may mean that someone who is genuinely ill cannot be seen.

These additional GP appointments will be bookable through the city’s GP practices, and will offer patients greater flexibility and choice about when they can access primary care services. Appointments for the GP Extended Access Service will be made through your usual GP practice. If the practice can’t offer a suitable appointment we will offer to arrange a telephone conversation with a GP from the extended access service, who will offer advice over the phone, or arrange a face to face evening or weekend appointment if required. Face to face appointments will be available Monday to Friday between 4.00pm and 9.00pm; Saturdays between 9.00am and 4.00pm, and Sundays between 9.00am and 1.00pm.

Appointments will take place at a number of locations around the city, rather than at your usual GP surgery.

If you would rather see your own GP at this practice you will still be able to book an appointment in the way you do now, within our normal opening hours.

This GP Extended Access Service GP is being rolled out across the country as part of a national initiative from NHS England, and in Liverpool the service is being delivered by Urgent Care 24, Liverpool’s GP out-of-hours service.

In an emergency (e.g. severe chest pain, sudden disabling breathlessness, symptoms of a stroke, collapse or severe injury) please telephone the emergency services on 999.

Outside of the surgery opening times, if you need to see or speak to a doctor, but do not need an ambulance or the emergency department, and it cannot wait until the next working day when the practice is open, please telephone Urgent Care 24 on 111 to access the Out of Hours GP service. Remember, they do not have access to our medical records, so there is no point ringing them about an ongoing problem unless something new and unexpected has developed that can't wait until we are open.

People living in Liverpool can now access urgent medical advice online at: . This free service provides health advice and signposting to urgent care services online, as a convenient digital alternative to using the NHS 111 telephone helpline. After asking you to enter your postcode and symptoms, it will give you tailored advice on how to manage them, and/or generate a call back from a healthcare professional, if required.

If you feel that it is safe to wait until the next working day, we always have appointments held back for urgent requests, but please ring as soon as possible in the morning (telephone lines open at 08:00), and tell the reception staff the nature of the problem so that they can ensure you are seen by the right clinician in an appropriate time-frame.

If you are unsure, speak to the Out of Hours GP service, who will advise you if they think it can wait, or if they think they should see you.

The appointments system

During the COVID-19 pandemic the usual appointments system has been temporarily put on hold. At present the following measures are in place:

  • The outer gate is locked, and access in to the practice is strictly by invitation only.
  • We encourage all patients to request their medication online. Paper requests can still be posted through our letterbox, which is checked regularly. All prescriptions are now sent electronically to a community pharmacy, you cannot collect a paper prescription from the practice. You can now choose to either nominate a pharmacy to have it sent to, or you can choose not to have a fixed nomination, and simply present to any community pharmacy with your NHS number and they will be able to access the prescription digitally.
  • We are promoting the use of eConsult as your first port of call. In addition to offering validated self-help advice, the system gathers all of the information needed in order to ensure the right person deals with your query, and for that person to prioritise and in some cases deal with your request without the need for further contact.
  • If you do not have access to the internet, please call the surgery by telephone and a Care Navigator will endeavour to help you. If you need medical advice you may be booked for a telephone or video consultation with one of the clinicians (this may be our nurse prescriber, advanced nurse practitioner or a doctor).
  • The vast majority of queries are being safely managed through one of, or a combination of, eConsult, telephone or video consultations, however if the clinician determines that you need a physical examination for a non-COVID-19 related condition, and neither you nor anyone in your household has any symptoms of COVID-19, you will be invited to the surgery for a specific time. Please wear a face covering in accordance with the NHS & Government advice.
  • If your problem is thought to be due to COVID-19 OR a non-COVID problem BUT you or a household member happen to have COVID symptoms, then you will be put forward for assessment at the hub which is open at the South Liverpool Treatment Centre.
Click here to see the old appointment system

The old appointment system:

  • Routine appointment requests will be offered the next available appointment. We are aware of the waiting times, and the practice is always considering ways of improving this.
  • Patients requesting an urgent, same day appointment will be allocated one if available by a Care Navigator. If all urgent appointments have been filled, patients will be called back by a doctor to assess their case. Emergency appointments are shorter than our routine appointments and therefore the doctor cannot discuss additional or long-term problems and a further, routine appointment should be booked for problems not related to that day's emergency.
  • If we are able to allocate an urgent appointment to you, it is expected that you will accept the time offered. We cannot usually accommodate requests to fit around school or work as we are fitting you in to be seen after our routine appointments. If you are so unwell that you must be seen by a doctor that day, then you are probably not well enough to be in school or work.
  • A new service to support patient access to GP services launched in October 2018. Extended Access to Primary Care is an NHS England initiative designed to benefit patients by providing more access to GP services – including evenings and weekends. Operated locally by UC24, the service will provide an initial telephone triage undertaken by a GP and, if required, a face to face appointment at several sites across the city. Face to face appointments will be undertaken by a GP or another suitably qualified health professional, depending on the patient’s needs. The service will create some extra capacity for the city, offering patients an alternative when an immediate appointment with their own GP isn’t available. Face to face appointments will be available Monday to Friday between 4.00pm and 9.00pm; Saturdays between 9.00am and 4.00pm, and Sundays between 9.00am and 1.00pm.