Non-clinical staff

Tracy Westhead

Practice Manager

Tracy has worked within the NHS for over 38 years, including 25 years in Primary Care. Tracy is currently the lead Practice Manager for South Locality. Tracy has worked at Grassendale Medical Practice for the last 11 years and is now a Partner/Business Manager and is responsible for the following: Finance, Public relations, Complaints, Health & Safety, Human Resources, Staff training, Performance Management, Purchasing, Equality & Diversity, Strategic development, IT.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as Practice Manager over the years, and I have met many lovely people along the way.  The role is diverse, challenging and no two days are the same. My ethos is to treat others the same way as I would like to be treated myself. I would like to think that I am approachable by staff and patients alike."

Sandra Tarbuck

Assistant Manager

Sandra has worked in the NHS for 40 years, starting on a YTS scheme in 1980 for 3 months then staying at that practice for 4 and a half years before starting at Grassendale in 1985, which was then situated in Garston Old Road.

She started as a part-time receptionist and was promoted over the years from head receptionist through to assistant practice manager. Her original role involved reception duty - handwriting repeat prescriptions, ordering stock and stationary and dealing with items of service claims. The practice went computerised in 1989 and since then the role has changed dramatically. Sandra deals with the majority of the CCG targets and audits, and most of the IT problems/issues the staff may have, with help from the CCG. She deals with most aspects of general practice including complaints, staffing, locums, updating appointments and the occasional secretarial duties! She is currently working on our data re-accreditation and paperlight documentation.

Nicola Newby


Nicola deals with all secretarial work generated by the doctors and other healthcare professionals, such as referrals and bookings with the hospital. She ensures follow up arrangements and investigations are in place, and liaises with other speciality medical staff accordingly. She also assists both the Practice Manager and Assistant Manager with any admin support they require.

Danielle, Lisa & Jack


The Supervisors are tasked with handling more complex requests from patients, and has the authority to release urgent appointments when necessary. They also have responsibilities for allocating work and organising the rotas.

Claire, Taylor, Keeley, Nathan, Emily, Mia, Lana

Care Navigators

The Care Navigators handle all of the tasks involved in keeping the practice running smoothly - such as the scanning and coding of the huge volumes of paperwork coming into the practice, booking appointments, dealing with prescriptions and much more.

They are all multi-skilled and flexible in their roles, allowing seamless coverage of tasks depending on the needs of the practice.

The new Care Navigator designation refers to the ability of our experienced & knowledgeable staff to direct patients to the appropriate services for their needs - be that within the practice itself, or other NHS, council-run or voluntary organisations.